When Your Child Goes To College

Posted on August 13, 2009 
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A little over two years ago we said “Goodbye” to our oldest, sending him off to college. I captured some thoughts about that transition, and some wisdom from Dr. Dobson about that time of life, here. Truthfully, that was a hard season. I wasn’t prepared for the meaning of the event, and the lingering difficulties associated with having a child out on his own. We missed our son and his presence in the home!

Here is another perspective about the rite of sending a child off to school. I like what the the author wonders,

“When is my work as a parent done?”

Well, from what I can tell, parenting is a life-long job, and it doesn’t end with a child’s 18th birthday or their move away to college. Our work begins when that baby is born and ends…when? Probably never!

As to the importance of the parenting role, the late Adrian Rogers observed,

Home is the university of life, with parents as the professors, children as students and life as the lab.

You may not be able to grasp how quickly time flies past, especially if you are stressed by raising young children right now. Those early years can be hard – and, In fact, the entire parenting journey can be hard! But you are training your child – intentionally or not – and soon enough he or she will head off for “life.”

So heed the advice of those who have gone before you, seize the moment, and drink in the gifts God gives to you today as a Mom or Dad. You’ll always be  parent, but one day you’ll wonder what to do with your free time, now that the kids are gone.

As the old song said,

Teach your children well…


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