Is Facebook Helping Or Hurting?

Posted on August 25, 2009 
Filed Under Media, Parenting, Social Concern

I’ll admit to being somewhat fascinated by the social media craze. I am not afraid to jump into the water and try new things out, and I’ve become rather conversant about blogging, Facebook, texting and Twitter. I think I’m pretty balanced when it comes to these technological tools, not addicted to them, nor ignorant of their power.

In all things moderation? I try. And yet the line is fine, and at times I wonder if these new ways to communicate are helping – or hurting – relationships. I especially think about this when I see my teens wanting to spend hours online…fortunately, they want to have “face time” with their friends even more.

Here’s one perspective about social media and relationships. It is worth reading, in which the writer suggests that Facebook, among other things, is ruining friendships. And here’s a more positive view, that social media creates community, something for both parents and business people to consider. Finally, a quick read for those who are overwhelmed by all this quick communication.


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